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Commodore Of Howth Yacht Club Looks Forward To The Future Of Sailing

Joe McPeake, in his address to the guests who had been invited and looking back on the weeks being the Commodore of the club on 23rd November, he shared his feeling on the future possibilities and the current position of the sailing sport of Ireland.

In his speech, he said that special guests and members are welcome as people are there because each of them had taken part in making sure that the club enjoys a successful and remarkable history. A consistent story is maintained their participation in expanding and evolving the sport of sailing and playing a main part in the community.

He states that the efforts and the contribution of the participants over the years have ascertained that they have enjoyed the pace-setting organization with modern facilities. Maximizing the use of the amenities is always the primary objective of HYC. He takes upon the opportunity to offer his thanks to the sponsors who have provided their helping hand for making sure that the sailing events are organized and funded properly. Thus, they were able to achieve their actual potential.

The week was amazing from the viewpoint from Irish sporting, when they took time to remember the great victory of Saturday by the rugby team of Ireland over All Blacks. According to him, whatever viewpoint is taken show that the nations have the power to perform much more than their weight. As a matter of fact, it displays how the sport had been a minor sport twenty-five years ago and has presently turned out to be a popular sport because of adequate strategies and plans. It has become one of the favorite sports in Ireland.

The sailing community faces the challenge of focusing on growth. Thus, they have to address challenges which are posed by the other sports when the whole country might be cool-headed and in peace.

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